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3 Essential Things Guests Look For in Hotel Reviews

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hat do you think is most important to guests when they read hotel reviews? Do you know what they’re looking for in a hotel? A lavish spa? An Olympic-sized swimming pool? You might be surprised. What they look at when they are reading reviews and deciding whether or not to book your hotel are actually rather basic, yet so essential. Here are three of the most important things guests are looking at while they read your hotel reviews, and these are also the same things people are writing about in their reviews.


Comfort and Cleanliness


Whether it be comfortable beds, a spotless bathroom, or an overall comfortable stay, comfort and cleanliness are what guests are fundamentally looking for in a hotel stay. Not only do guests want a good sleep, they want to fulfil their need for relaxation, safety and security. Provide your guests with a comfortable and clean stay — great pillows and pillow options; invest in the comfort level of your beds, and maintain a high standard for the cleanliness of rooms and your hotel facilities.


Friendly and Responsive Staff


Good service goes a long way in making guests feel welcome and good about staying at your hotel. Always greet your guests with a smile and even have a nice chat to make them feel welcomed. Staff friendliness plays a crucial role in guest satisfaction. Even if there are some amenities lacking in your hotel, great service does wonders for your reviews in the end.

(Free and Strong) Internet Connectivity


Perhaps more so for the younger generation, internet connectivity, or free Wi-Fi in particular, is becoming the number one feature they look for when choosing a hotel, and when giving your hotel a review. We live in a very connected world these days, and having no internet connection is quite unimaginable for some of us. Provide free, good, and strong Wi-Fi to keep guests connected and happy.



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