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3 Things You Can Do to Boost Guest Traffic to your Hotel

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erhaps it’s low season, or bookings are just sluggish of late. It’s a very competitive market, and you need more hotel marketing ideas to increase guest bookings at your hotel. What are some hotel social media ideas you can incorporate into your marketing plan now to boost guest traffic?




1) Hire influencers

Find influencers who suit the demographic and type of guests for your hotel. For instance, if yours is a boutique hotel that appeals to cafe-hopping, instagram-addicted young city dwellers, then find an influencer profile that fits that target segment to write about their experience at your hotel. Offer them a free night’s stay and other amenities (free spa, or a free meal) to let them experience what your hotel has to offer. They can write a full sponsored post for you on their blog, or post some photos with their story on Instagram or Facebook.


2) Offer a promotion on Facebook

Kill two birds with one stone by having a hotel promotion on Facebook — get more followers on your Facebook page, as well as drive more bookings. Sometimes a slight discount or a free dinner or spa can be enticing enough to drive more bookings. You may limit the promotion to people who have liked your hotel on Facebook, so that you can garner more likes as well.


3) Buy Facebook Ads

Facebook ads allow you to target users based on their age, interests, and location. These ads show up on your targeted users’ newsfeeds. Select your target audience and promote your hotel to them through Facebook ads. Use your best photos or emotive visuals and copy for these posts to drive bookings to your hotel.


Remember to measure the effectiveness of all campaigns so that you know which channel and mechanism work best for your hotel social media strategy moving forwards. Track every campaign!


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