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4 Best Practices for Managing Online Hotel Reviews

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f a customer came to the front desk to make a complaint, do you ignore this guest? Or do you try your best to appease him/her and work on making the rest of his/her stay a pleasant one? Do you bother finding out whether what he/she is saying is in fact true and something you need to work on for the betterment of your hotel?


It’s surprising, then, that many hotels or restaurants never bother to respond to customers’ reviews on review sites like TripAdvisor. Sites like these have in-built response functionality that is not as well-utilized as it should be.




Here are 4 best practices for managing your online hotel reviews.


Respond to all reviews

Don’t just respond to negative reviews. Respond to positive reviews (at least occasionally, if you really don’t have the time and if you get overwhelmingly many positive reviews) as well. It shows you’re listening, and it’s an opportunity for you to express appreciation and to reinforce what’s great about your hotel.


Respond to reviews as soon as possible

Especially for negative reviews, the longer a complaint is left unatetended to, the more business it will drive away. Investigate any negative review thoroughly to find out what happened exactly, and reply it with your commitment to see to it that changes will be implemented.


Word your responses with utmost professionalism

A poorly worded response may make things worse, whilst a well-written one will allow potential guests to understand that the situation was unfortunate but the management cares and will make extra effort to rectify the issue. Explain what you’ve done to fix the issue mentioned, or why it can’t be fixed.




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