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4 Important Approaches to Negative Reviews

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ad reviews don’t just disappear. It takes a lot of work! You can contact the reviewer to tell them what’s been done to fix the issue, and ask if they would kindly remove the negative review. These things do happen, but most reviewers wouldn’t bother.


Nevertheless, although you cannot remove negative reviews, you can definitely change the attitudes of those reading the reviews by acknowledging, thanking, and responding to negative reviews.





Here are three important approaches to negative reviews.

Be responsive instead of reactive

As a business owner who cares a lot about the business, it’s important that you are constantly monitoring and responding to online reviews in order to connect with your guests. You are not in control of the reviews, but you can control your response. Do not be defensive. Instead, offer an honest apology and show your customers you care about their poor experience and offer an option to fix the issue.


Ask questions to your negative reviewers

By asking questions, it proves that you’re paying attention to what the reviewer said and that you want more information to investigate and remedy the situation. Once you’ve provided a solution that the negative reviewer is satisfied with, it may also be worth asking them if they would be willing to take down the review. If you don’t ask, you will never know.


Be empathetic

Phrases like “We’re sorry you didn’t enjoy your stay” or “We’re very sorry you feel that way” are what you learn at Customer Service 101. It’s important to acknowledge how the reviewer feels about their negative experience, and by being empathetic it helps to make the situation less tense.


Be proactive

Have a plan to implement changes in response to the negative reviews, be committed to making these changes for the better. Also, put together a plan to encourage guests to leave reviews. This will increase the number of reviews, hopefully positive ones!


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