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5 Things That Drive Guests to Write TripAdvisor Reviews

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ou may make painstaking efforts to encourage your guests to leave reviews for you on TripAdvisor, leaving reminders everywhere in your hotel.  And yet, guests still don’t bother leaving you any reviews. But there are instances where you don’t mention TripAdvisor at all, and yet you will get reviews without even asking. What are the instances?


Think about it, when did you last leave any review about a restaurant or accommodation yourself? It’s usually when you have an extremely good experience there or conversely, one of your life’s worst experiences, that you make the effort to actually type up a review of a place. Right?





Here are some instances where people will more likely than not leave you a review.


  1. If your hotel is dirty

No one wants to stay at a dirty place! So if your hotel is not up to standards when it comes to cleanliness, you and everyone else in the world will be able to know about it.


  1. If the service is bad

People don’t necessarily remember how much it costs to stay there, or how big the room is. But they will definitely remember how you made them feel. So, if the service staff made some nasty remark or gave bad service somehow, guests will be airing their frustration on TripAdvisor. Some even consider it revenge.


  1. If it’s noisy

Everyone wants a good night’s rest at a hotel. Noise can interrupt even heavy sleepers. If it’s other guests causing a racket without any action taken from you, or if the soundproofing is bad, guests are bound to complain on a well-visited site like TripAdvisor.


  1. If your service is exceptionally good

When people feel good, they would like to share these positive vibes to others. If they had a very good experience with your service, they will more likely make the effort to praise you online to let everyone know about it.


  1. If your amenities are special

Many hotels offer the standard amenities. That’s why hotel guests are more likely to want to talk about unusual or special amenities they see, such as branded toiletries, or a Nespresso machine. Every little detail counts to make guests stay more memorable, so if your hotel allows for one, it will leave a deep enough impression for guests to want to write about it.


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