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Using LinkedIn to boost hotel reputation and sales

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boost hotel reputation

Boost Hotel Reputation

Creative innovate managers have successfully used LinkedIn to build business relationships, boost their hotel’s reputation and increase their sales.

Most people do have a LinkedIn account but do not utilize its potential for gaining new business to the fullest.  Before we discuss how to use LinkedIn to boost hotel reputation and sales there is something that must be stressed.

Complete your Profile! If your profile is not complete or is not up to the mark then you first need to work on it.

Join Groups

Join groups that are relevant to your field. Once you join a group you can communicate with its members by direct messages, give them information, help to solve their problems and in short gain enough clout to be an “influencer”.

When you join a group you first need to announce your arrival. You should invest a minute in letting other members of the groups that you have joined up and look forward to participating. To be accepted by the group you have to be more than a hotel’s sales manager. Your purpose is of course to promote your hotel but you should not restrict yourself to doing just that. Participate in what the group is interested in. If you are accepted as “true member” then people will take an interest in your hotel when you talk about it.


LinkedIn is the same as real life when it comes to networking. First off invest your time in networking with people who qualify as “quality contacts” and can help you and your hotel in the future.

Second do not hesitate to help out members of your groups. If you read an article which you would believe benefit others then do not hesitate to share it.

If you want to gain something from LinkedIn then do not be just a taker, be a giver too. This will raise your reputation and with it your hotel’s reputation. A good reputation will help to generate more sales and your sales pitches being treated more than just mere sales pitches.