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Customer satisfaction and the hospitality industry

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It’s an accepted fact that keeping a count of customer satisfaction significantly important for both product recognition and improving your business’s support.
The traditional ways of measuring guest satisfaction have been completely revitalized with the excessive prevalence of online internet marketing. A satisfied customer is very valuable for the hospitality industry, as he is the person who will not only pay you frequent visits but also recommend your hotel among others. But to measure customer satisfaction these days is a challenging task for the hoteliers as it needs incessant monitoring and analysis. The traditional ways of measuring customer satisfaction have become obsolete with the advent of online reviews. Prior to the popularity of online reviews businesses use to measure customer satisfaction by conducting extensive surveys to ascertain product or service levels, customer satisfaction, and areas for improvement. Traditional surveys mostly used closed ended questions where people rate their satisfaction level. But now it is more convenient for potential customers to read the online reviews before finally deciding about their holiday resort. The fame of online reviews and the emerging importance of social media are changing the way that hotels are approaching to gather customer feedback.