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Dealing with negative reviews

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Online reviews greatly shape a hotel’s reputation and managing and responding to them in an effective way is very important. Guest satisfaction is very important if you want to maintain a good reputation about your hotel. Travelers post reviews about their experience on TripAdvisor’s site. It’s a challenging task to respond to a negative review. Here are a few requisites: respond in a professional manner, thank first for taking out time to write a review about the experience, keep it as brief as possible, address the complaint directly and make it positive in tone. Make the customer feel that the management is highly apologetic and that the inconvenience will not occur in future. Try your best to lessen the negative impact that has been made about the hotel and maximize the opportunity to let the customers know that the hotel is taking corrective action immediately. TripAdvisor provides the opportunity to the hoteliers to comment back on customer reviews, your reaction to the TripAdvisor review is very important; it can lighten or even remove the stain of bad words said about your hotel. You should tactfully deal with negative reviews as they may ruin the hotel’s online reputation.