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E-mail Marketing for Hotels

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E-marketing has been widely accepted as an effective tool to get engaged with customers especially for the hospitality industry. For the hospitality industry it is very effective because it revolutionarily increases sales of hotels. Hotels get benefitted from e-mail marketing as its fast, cost effective and direct. Through emails hoteliers can not only feature the hotel’s logo and phone number as a personalized message for the recipient, but it will also show all the hotel has to offer: the luxurious rooms, the spacious lobby, its services, special offers, pool, workout room/hall etc. The hotel can also include in the message the list of in-room perks it offer that can be wireless Internet, telephone, television and couches or recliners. With the hotel’s email marketing plan hoteliers can keep customers posted with all the necessary information. E-mail is an effective word of mouth as forwarded mails are effective in spreading the message to potential clients. Email marketing opens up wide aura of revenue opportunities for the hospitality industry. E-mail marketing is especially effective for the hospitality industry because customers today base their travel decisions upon online searching. Email marketing is an important part of the online marketing strategy of hotels as its affordable and easy.