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Frequently Asked Questions


Who do you help? We help hundreds of clients all over the world. Every Hotel will find the benefit of using our services but most of our clients sign up because they would like to increase their rating, ranking and number of positive reviews or want help managing, monitoring and responding to guest feedback.


What exactly do you do? We are a full service Reputation Management Company. Upon sign up your Hotel will be assigned to a designated Reputation Specialist. Your Reputation will be monitored daily and online reviews and comments will be addressed promptly. Sites we help manage include TripAdvisor, Expedia,,, Venere, Google Places, Yahoo Travel as well as Medallia and Revinate. Weekly and monthly you will receive reports outlining your progress and the status of your rating and ranking. Our Social Media Team target markets daily to build your fan base and optimizes all of your accounts. We will post any promotions you have all over the web, post your news or upcoming events, help you promote positive guest reviews and bury negative reviews.


Is there a contract? We are so confident in our services we do not require a term contract, service is month to month and you can cancel any time without penalty.


How soon will we see results? You will see progress within the first 7-10 days but major improvement will take time. To expedite the process we encourage you to follow our guide to increasing your reputation which will be outlined when you sign up.


How quickly do you respond to reviews and feedback? Your Specialist will monitor your accounts daily and will respond to all reviews and online feedback within 24-48 hours.

(Keep in mind it can take extra time to appear live as it is completely contingent on that website’s rules and procedures.)


We recently bought or renovated our Hotel, how can you help? For new owners we will help you set up all of your review and social media accounts and even help you remove old reviews and photos. If your Hotel was renovated we work with you to remove reviews, photos and information which was prior to your renovation.


What do you do about negative reviews? We work with you to remove reviews which are blatant misrepresentations, slander or incorrectly posted to the wrong hotel.


Can you remove fake and negative reviews? Some of our client Hotels receive reviews from time to time which are simply not true. Either a guest somehow posted on the wrong Hotel page or competitors post slanderous reviews. We can work with you to flag these for removal. This is often a time consuming endeavor but we work hard to accomplish it. Our Specialists are trained to manage reviews tactfully and professionally. If your Specialist ever has any doubts about how to respond or if there are ever reviews which need immediate attention you will be notified immediately and your input will be requested in order to properly address the review.

Is there a cancellation fee? No, you can cancel at any time.


What do you do with Facebook? Our Social Media team will build your Facebook page if not already created. Once created we will work with you to optimize that account. Upon request we will manage that page for you and target market monthly to increase your fan base. Our team will also help to promote any specials you are running as well as publish any news or upcoming events.


Can you help us share our Hotel promotions? Yes, we can create a coupon for your Hotel and publish your promotions on Google, Facebook and


How do you encourage new reviews? We build a Review Page for your Hotel which directs guests to the appropriate review and social media sites to share their positive review. We then create and supply you with your 1st order of review cards at no additional cost which includes that link. Your Staff can then distribute those cards to your guests to encourage them to share about their experience.


Please note: We adhere to the highest ethical standards. We do not post fake reviews for you or help you boost your reputation by going against and rules or guidelines put in place by any third party website or company. If you are looking for a company that will be unethical in anyway please do not contact us.




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