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Guest Satisfaction Index and Hotel Reputation Management

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Guest Satisfaction Index (GSI)



Guest satisfaction index is a method of measuring a hotels performance.  Traditionally hotels used to make important decisions like pricing based on a combination of demand forecasts, supply, competitor activity, operating costs and instinct.



However in taking important decisions hotels were not able to take guest satisfaction into account easily and compare they fared in this particular skill compared to their competitors. With social media and the birth of hotel reputation management, My Hotel Reputation has transformed guest satisfaction into something “calculable”.  Social media by bringing reviews and feedback onto to the open world wide net has started a new measure of market performance that is:  the Guest satisfaction index.



So how can you get a guest satisfaction index? 


The guest satisfaction index is extracted from reviews which in turn are directly linked to hotel reputation therefore hotel sales. Guest satisfaction index or in TripAdvisor’s case the popularity index is extracted by the use of an algorithm that takes into account the quantity and timeliness of reviews among other important factors.


Understanding the importance of guest satisfaction index many websites have started to amass hotel reviews in order to measure with some reliability the guest satisfaction. However most of them do not represent the wisdom of the crowds. However our team at My Hotel Reputation offers skilled individuals providing services to analyze online reviews in order to calculate a hotel’s guest satisfaction index.


The link between GSI and Hotel reputation management


Guest satisfaction index is derived from guest reviews and rating posed on major review websites. This is where the link between my hotel reputation management and GSI is found. A good GSI indicates a good reputation. This is in most cases a sign of strong sales. A GSI lower than competitor’s means lower reputation compared to competitors and thus lower pricing power. A GSI is an excellent indicator of reputation and thus an excellent pricing tool.


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