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Hotel Reputation Case study: Chateau Bourbon

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Hotel Reputation Case Study

Hotel Reputation Case Study

Hotel managers have to focus on hotel reputation management if they want to achieve success and keep up with competition.  Hotel reputation management will lead to great sales and greater pricing power. We will illustrate this point with the case study of Chateau Bourbon.  Chateau Bourbon is a historical Whyndham hotel, situated in New Orleans.

Chateau Bourbon’s hotel reputation management approach

Chateau Bourbon understood the importance of hotel reviews and ratings on popular social media websites. In order to use these to their advantage they approached Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc and asked for a system which could be used to monitor, manage and respond reviews and ratings posted on major travel and hotel review websites.

Chateau Bourbon needed a system that would report efficiently and highlight reports which required action. The purpose was to increase the level of service provided to guests and thus profitability.

To meet these requirements Milestone made for Chateau Bourbon eBuzz connect. eBuzz was a social media management system tool that helped in reputation management by identifying the words being used to describe the hotel online and provide management with a summary of their hotel’s position on various social media channels.

The benefits that Chateau Bourbon drew from hotel reputation management

Reviewing online platforms through their system allowed management to better understand consumer behavior. They were able to better understand the factors that played a major role in guests choosing their hotel, the experience the guests had and the customer trends existing. They were also able to understand what their hotel’s brand image was. With this knowledge they were able to improve their service. The improve service resulting from the investment in eBuzz led to increased number of online reviews (a 70% increase in the first six months) and thus revenue and profitability.