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Hotel Reputation Management

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Hotel reputation management is highly important for the hospitality industry due to the emergence of multiple social media tools and increased awareness among the potential travelers. People these days highly base their travel decisions on the reviews that are posted on sites and social media. Customer satisfactions are a must to meet in order to maintain a good reputation in society, contemporary customers have very high service expectations. A single mistreatment or a trivial mistake may lead a customer to post review about the hotel and its service. So customer satisfaction along with a sound reputation management strategy is very important for the hoteliers. One more important thing that needs attention is that how you respond to the traveler reviews. A personalized response to the guest comments is highly appreciated it makes customers feel that they are treated specially. In case of a negative review, the response should be more careful and satisfying. The dissatisfied customer must be ensured that the hotel team is apologetic about the inconvenience and that in future no such inconvenience will take place as the hotel will look in to the matter on a serious note. Always make your customer feel special by listening to his views and responding to them