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Hotels, TripAdvisor and online reputation

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TripAdvisor has created a buzz in the contemporary hospitality industry. It is one of the fastest growing travel sites that attract millions of potential customers. People find it not only beneficial but necessary to go though customer reviews before deciding about their travel destination. TripAdvisor via real customer reviews and useful content assists people to land at a perfect holiday destination. It provides useful content in the form of reviews, ratings, videos, pictures, travel and fare information etc. Reportedly, TripAdvisor is the most commonly visited travel review site with almost up to 50 million users each month and increasingly. Another report found out that travelers are relying on online conversation and reviews when making booking decisions. TripAdvisor greatly shapes any hotel’s online reputation and online reputation is definitely a significant part of hospitality industry in the contemporary scenario. Brian Payea, the head of industry relations TripAdvisor explicitly said that “As planning and booking more dependent on online traveler reviews and opinions, online reputation management is paramount for property owners”. An effective online reputation management goes a long way in building and maintaining the hospitality business and if rightly done can elevate revenues and growth of the business.