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Hotels using social networks to increase customer satisfaction

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hotels using social networks

Hotels Using Social Networks

In recent years the number of consumers interacting with brands on social networks has nearly doubled.  This for hotels brings new challenges and opportunities.

Hotels can stand out from the competition by providing a great service on social networks.  A survey conducted showed that people who use social media for service are more likely to tell people about the experience they had and are easier to retain, provided you give a good service.  Hotels providing a good service on social networks therefore gain a very good edge.

How to increase guest satisfaction through social networks


  • Decide your objectives

First off you need to set objectives. You need to decide why you are engaging in social media.  Primary objectives for hotel management should be to increase awareness, to provide service to guests and to manage hotel reputation.  Hotels which build, manage and engage an online community that favors their brand and along with that provide excellent on property experience will be able to garner loyalty, mouth to mouth marketing and thus greater revenue.

  • Listen to the guests

Often hotel management gets so into passing their message to the general public they forget about their number one priority: listening to the guests.  Due to there being so many review websites this task has become quite challenging. However there are tools which can assist in this task. The bare minimum one can do is to set up free alerts on Google, Twitter and TripAdvisor.

  • Engaging

By now most hotels are responding to online reviews. But the main challenge is when a bad review comes in.  Social media has not changed the way complaints are to be dealt with. However the stakes are now much higher since your “dirty laundry” is public now. But it can be handled.  One should apologize for any inconvenience caused, solve the issue and then follow up.  Handling such reviews/complaints well can help to turn the toughest customers into one of the hotel’s most valued advocates.