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How much do prospective guests value hotel reviews?

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When it comes to choosing a hotel where do travelers prefer to take information from? From other fellow travelers.

According to Nielsen’s Global Trust Advertising survey it was seen that trust in online consumer reviews ranked up to 70% compared to a 47% percent level of trust in advertisements.  This shows that hotel reviews are very important and they will affect the level of bookings your hotel gets.

It is easy to understand why prospective guests value hotel reviews. Consumers will trust other consumers as they are people like them and will not benefit from posting a positive review without just cause, in most cases. Another thing here to note is that trust in editorial content and emails signed up for by choice was at 58% and 50% respectively. This shows that consumers place greater trust in consumer reviews compared to reviews written by professional journalists.

Why the level of trust has declined in traditional advertising is not the focus of this discussion. The main thing to be discussed here is that how can hotels adapt to this new environment.

Adapting to the new environment

While traditional advertising still helps to capture the attention of prospective customers it cannot be relied upon solely. Hotels need to focus less on talking about themselves and more on how to get other travelers to talk about them. And not just talking alone, you need to get guests to do reviewing, liking, blogging, posting their pictures and videos and such.  This is what aids hotel reputation management to succeed.

To do this hotel management will need to take a systematic approach to managing reviews and resolving issues raised in negative reviews fast.  Also in order to get positive reviews hotel management first needs to align their marketing tactics with their service in order to assure they set realistic expectations which they can meet. All this is to be done online.

On property staff needs to be guided and trained to meet these expectation and use guest reviews to tailor new improvements.