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How to bury negative reviews of your hotel

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very hotel or restaurant gets a negative review now and then. There’s no way to remove negative reviews unless the review breaches any of the terms and conditions of the review site. But with every negative review that’s usually accompanied with a negative rating as well, it drags your overall rating down, and potential customers can find it easily by reading only the negative reviews to make their decision (there are customers who use review sites in this way). What can you do then?





How to Bury Reviews

You can bury negative reviews of your hotel. This should be an important task for every hotel marketer as part of their hotel marketing plan.


So how do you bury negative reviews?


By increasing the number of positive reviews. Lots and lots of positive reviews.


Whatever you do, however desperate you are, do NOT post fake reviews. Nothing good ever comes out of it. What you should be working on getting are good, positive, HONEST reviews about your hotel.

Ask For Reviews

Encourage your guests to write about their experience at your hotel on review sites. Provide service that they won’t forget, give them a personalized experience they feel good about. And they will naturally write about them. People remember these extra touches and they always remember how you made them feel.


By increasing the number of natural, positive, and genuine reviews, sooner or later you will get lesser and lesser negative reviews, and your average ratings will go up and stay up. That’s how the negative reviews become hidden or buried. Most review sites show either the latest reviews or the highest rated reviews first, so the negative reviews will be far beneath the pile.


Be that hotel people want to go back to, be that hotel people want to recommend their friends and family to go to.


Need Help?

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