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How to manage negative hotel reviews

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very hotel receives a bad review from time to time. Many things trigger guests to want to leave a review for you, and more often than not, it is the negative experience that spurs them to spend the time and energy reviewing you.


As discouraging as a bad review is, there are steps you can take after receiving a bad review. Here are three things you can do.




Assess the review

Is what the reviewer said true about your hotel? Look at it objectively, is it a trend that’s happening in your hotel that you should address? If the review was on your service staff, don’t be too quick to accuse or blame the service staff. Take the time to find out what happened, and understand the background of the incident before jumping to any conclusions.


Come up with an action plan


Once you have identified and verified the issue from the bad review, come up with a strategy of what you and your team can do to improve. Make sure your team knows who is leading and implementing this strategy. Be sure to monitor the change to ensure its implementation and see if it improves the customer experience. If the issue is not something you can resolve (e.g. location), there must be ways to better manage guests’ expectations through your communications so that such bad reviews don’t come up again.


Write a management response


Sites like TripAdvisor allow you to write in response to reviews. Writing management responses to every review should be part and parcel of your day to day marketing or customer service management. Put yourself in the shoes of potential guests, they would want to know how you have fixed the issue, details of the action plan you have put in place, or even a sincere apology. These go a long way in gaining back to the trust and loyalty from guests.


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