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How to remove negative reviews of your hotel

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egative reviews can cause serious damage to your business, given how much people trust reviews online these days.

Can you simply request for the removal of negative reviews from online review sites like TripAdvisor? The short and direct answer is no, but there are always things you can do.



Violations of Site Terms

Does the review contain unfounded accusations of a crime, or include demeaning personal attacks? Or does it violate the site’s terms of service, such as listing full names of employees? Then you can file a report with the review site and the review will likely be removed.


Is there any truth to the reviewer’s complaint? If so, reach out privately to the reviewer to try to resolve the issue, and offer the reviewer an opportunity to either delete the review or update it to be more positive. If they do so, the negative review will be successfully removed! And if they don’t, post a public response to give your side of the story. Do remember to be calm and be matter-of-fact with your resolution to the issue. Never blame the reviewer or use a threatening tone. People do look at your responses to reviews and what you offer to do to fix the issue with your hotel counts more than the negative review itself.

Bury Negative Reviews

And if the above don’t work, the highly effective way to get rid of negative reviews is really to bury them with positive ones. Encourage your customers to give positive reviews of you, so that your overall reviews and ratings go up.


Of course, this is with the assumption that your hotel deserves good reviews. Use all feedback about your hotel, good or bad, as the best way to improve service quality and standards. Listening and acting on feedback is probably the best way to prevent bad reviews on your hotel in the first place.

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