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Social media marketing and hotel industry

About This Project

Social media has become an important component of online marketing for the contemporary hospitality industry. Social media is widely used by marketing professionals in the hospitality industry. It is now evident that more and more establishments are placing themselves on the social media for increased popularity. Social media is an effective tool of online marketing and it should not be ignored as there are myriads of ways that restaurants, hotels, hostels and any other hospitality-based establishments can benefit. Hoteliers spread and share useful information and promotional deals with customers via social media. Social media has a huge impact on businesses, especially on the hospitality industry. Social media has accelerated the importance and abundance of customer reviews. Online reviews have a profound impact on company’s soft assets. While a positive review can generate revenues a negative assessment can easily drive customers away. The contemporary hospitality businesses need to assign employees to monitor blogs and social media sites and respond to them immediately. Social media is a vital tool for online marketing in the contemporary industry. Through social media hoteliers get huge web traffic and commission free reservations. This leads to more access, increased revenues and popularity.

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