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Positive Hotel Reviews

The three step approach for receiving positive hotel reviews

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Positive Hotel Reviews

The number of reviews a hotel gets has a direct link with a number of different reputation management areas.

The number of reviews will impact:

• The hotel’s ranking in review websites

• Ranking in third party distribution websites

• Ranking in search engine results

• Hotel’s overall reputation.

As you can see above that very vital components of a hotel’s reputation and thus market power are linked with guest reviews. Thus every manager will want to increase the amount of reviews through ethical and legitimate methods. To receive positive reviews there is a three step approach you could follow. The process is described below. Before you ask You first have to deliver and then ask for reviews. Your service is will decide the tone and quality of review you receive. Understand that the type of review you receive is dependent on your overall strategy. First we tackle marketing. Under-promise and over- deliver. Do not set expectations that you cannot possibly meet. Positive guest reviews flow when hotel guests are pleasantly surprised by the service they receive. Before you ask for a review you also have to make sure that your service is up-to mark. Create an experience which is worth talking about.

How to ask

Sometimes guest are not familiar with review websites. Here take out the time to explain to them why they are important to you and how they will too benefit from writing a review. Also make it easy for them to post reviews for example installing free Wi-Fi which is also an added service.

When to ask

You have options here. You can ask during the checkout process. First ask the guest if they had a positive and enjoyable experience at your hotel. If they respond in positive encourage them to post a review on a review website of their choice.

Some hotels prefer to send a thank you email after their guest has departed. You can place a link to a review website in such an email.