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Questions You Should Ask in your Hotel Marketing Strategy

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arketing for your hotel is a full-time job that needs to be managed by an entire team, or even outsourced. Things to consider in your overall hotel marketing strategy include your offline marketing collateral, events, PR, and traditional media such as print ads. But what hotel marketeers may be missing out on is plenty of opportunities in the digital space — your hotel website, your booking engine, OTAs (Online Travel Agents), social influencers, social media, online review sites, and so on and so forth.


Many hotels and companies seek the advice and help from social media marketing agencies. These agencies tend to be more creative with their content ideas, and can even help you with posting your content on your social media channels if you can grant them access.


So perhaps you’re starting to build your strategy now. What are some key considerations you should bear in mind?


1) What do guests think of you?

Find out what guests think of you on hotel guest satisfaction surveys, review sites, or even by speaking to them in person. You will be able to gain key insights in what your guests like or dislike about your hotel, and more importantly, identify areas in which your hotel can improve. By analysing surveys and review sites, you will also be able to see what your key differentiators are from your competition.


2) What makes your hotel different from competitors? What are your hotel’s selling points?

Once you have your key selling points identified, make it a point to bring out these selling points. Use them to your advantage, make them known. Have these selling points in all your marketing collateral.


3) What types of guests tend to like staying at your hotel?

What type of demographic does your hotel appeal to? Are they the older, group-travelling retired folks? Or are they the young, tech-savvy crowd? Develop content on your website and social media to attract the type of guests that are already appealed by your hotel.


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