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Responding to challenging guest reviews

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Most hotel managers are masters in the art of dealing with on-property complaints but often those skills are not translated to their online “face”. Online hotel reviews are public and highly valued by prospective customers. For most hotel managers responding to online hotel reviews has become a routine job but once in a while a review comes up whose reply can be quite challenging.  Reputation management calls for a proper reply because if you ignore the review then you leave potential customers to draw their own conclusions or if you give a reply lacking tact you will possibly makes things worse.

This time and age brings in hotel reputation management a new dimension. Online reputation has to maintained and managed.

First of all you need to identity the problem especially if you are getting a specific complaint again and again. Do not focus your energies on drafting clever responses instead find the problem and fix it. Hotel reputation management can be aided with the help of tools like ReviewPro. ReviewPro will help you to identify patterns and trends in the complaints you receive, making it easier to spot the problematic area.

Online reviews should be given responses in the same professional manner with which guests are dealt in the hotel. It is important to remember that the quality of responses given to online reviews reflects on your hotel’s brand. Therefore effective hotel reputation management calls for online responses to be crafted with the same professional and thoughtful manner in which on-property responses are delivered. However this does not mean that you engage yourself in writing stiff formal responses or engage in ultra long explanations. Give your appreciation to the reviewer for providing feedback and demonstrate a willingness to improve on the problematic areas by thanking the reviewer, apologizing for any inconvenience and elaborate a bit about how you are following up with the complaint.