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Social media and hotel marketing

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Social media has been a buzz in the hotel industry since a decade. Researches reveal that hotels customized with social media are likely to receive more web traffic than hotels not using social media. This implies having more revenues because hotels customized with social media get more commission free reservations as compared to the hotels following the conventional system of marketing. Facebook acts as an effective tool for hotels using social media for business marketing. The more hotels have an interactive presence on Facebook, the more it encourages guest interaction. Hoteliers publish updates that guests follow them to keep fans engaged. People check-in to their social media hotels via facebook, this form of marketing is growing immensely from a past few years. Social media is having a profound impact on the contemporary hospitality industry. Search engines keep track of “Social Media Signals” which assist in determining where a hotel website will rank within the search results. The best part of social media is that it keeps on launching various innovative features that makes online marketing even more easy and cost efficient. The growing importance of social media has been highlighted by many researches. Social media has now been recognized as an essential part of the marketing system of hotels.