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Social Media and the Hospitality Industry

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Various researches unveil that hotels using social media are likely to attract greater visitors than hotels not using social media as their marketing tool. Increase in web visitors is directly proportional to increase in revenues as it leads to direct commission-free reservations. The best part of social media is that it is incessantly driven by fresh content and fed by users as opposed to organized publishers. So managing your online marketing via social media is not an easy game. Your presence in social media must be accompanied with something special. Those hotels cash benefit from social media who regularly have something special to share. Word of mouth is one of the best and cheapest advertising tools for the hotels. Social media helps spread that tool even more effectively. For example a happy and satisfied guest can share a great stay on their Facebook wall will reach on average 150 friends and family. Social media can have a direct impact on the hotel’s revenue. It has been observed that most effective way to use social media in order to increase sales is by getting guests to share their stay and a link to the hotel’s page.