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The Importance of Guest Reviews

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aving plenty of positive reviews have become somewhat the gold standard for hotels and restaurants in gaining bookings. Every hotel is chasing after positive reviews, or just reviews in general. Why is it important to have guest reviews for your hotel?


Reviews Affect Decision-Making

Online reviews have a significant impact on people’s booking decisions. Studies have shown that almost 70% of people’s purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews. About 55% of them also admit that online reviews are an important part of their decision-making process. Reading reviews has become the default step before making any bookings are made.


Any business cannot escape from the power of reviews impacting consumers’ decisions on whether to go with that company or their competitors.


Whether it’s reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp or Facebook, efforts must be channelled to encouraging these reviews and aim to get as much positive sentiment around these reviews as possible.

Increase Your Hotel’s Rankings and Visibility Online

In the online world, having plenty of unique, interesting, and helpful content is what makes your hotel show up on the top of a Google search. Reviews provide just that. Such content not only help to increase your hotel’s rankings, but also brings awareness and visibility to your hotel. More visibility means more exposure which will in turn drive bookings and revenue.


Keep encouraging guests to leave reviews as it increases unique, interesting, and helpful content around your hotel name.


Know What You’re Doing Well and What You Can Improve On

Receiving guest reviews allow you to constantly improve your hotel, in terms of your service, operations, and offerings. Find out what guests like about your hotel, and maintain it or make it even better. Discover what they don’t like about your hotel, and make sure you take steps to improve that aspect of your business.

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