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Use of social networks

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All businesses these days need to develop an effective online marketing strategy. When talking about online marketing, social networks hold a vital position. It will definitely not be an overstatement that businesses overlooking the importance of marketing via social networks lag behind its competitors. With so much competition around, businesses can not afford to ignore this important media tool for advertising. Millions of businesses these days attract huge clientele through social media networks. Your business should be well-managed and well reputed in the “big three”, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Businesses now have dual obligations, to acquire a name in the traditional market along with digital market. An interesting fact states that more than 90% of those businesses which have a marketing department use social media as an advertising and marketing platform. More than 50% of businesses experience an elevating profit trends after using social media as a marketing tool. Both Facebook and twitter were initially used as networking tools mainly used by youngsters to interact with each other but later its uses expanded and now the most significant use is online marketing. Google+ is acquiring its place as a business tool just like Facebook and Twitter.